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Editioned Artworks and One-Off Commissions

We work closely with our artists to create editions of new work as well as produce one-off commissions. With our dedicated Artist Liaison you have a personal point of contact and we aim to create collaborative relationships.

No matter your current style or medium we can help you realise new works in bronze.

Examples of Work

We produce artworks from miniature up to 2 metres tall and specialise in editions of interior sculpture and table top pieces. With versatile production and a high capacity we work together with artists to not only achieve your artistic vision but support your professional life.


David Goode


Just a note to say how pleased I have been with the service at Lunts since the change of management. The quality of the work was always great, but there has been a marked improvement in communication and efficiency. I can now count on castings being completed on time, or even ahead of time and this makes a big difference to my relationship with my customers.

I have also been impressed by the general 'can do', attitude of your team. There is a willingness to try new techniques and work together with the artist to achieve the desired result.

I look forward with confidence to a continued, successful relationship between artist and foundry.

Andrew Thomas


Congratulations on the impressive transformation of G.W.Lunt Foundry. I am staggered by the level of improvements that you have made to the facility, and to the working conditions for your employees since taking over the business.

The service is now turning around my castings in very good time and at a competitive cost, but most importantly, to an extremely high standard, which is essential for my business to function and thrive.

My huge thanks to all of the team. You have certainly set the bar of quality, efficiency and value to a very high standard!

Ed Elliott


It has been a pleasure to work with Lunts Foundry. My first cast with them celebrated my globally collected 'Angel series' and the bronze cast came out beautifully. It was an extremely satisfying piece to realise in bronze and the details and balance were executed with mastery. I am very happy with this piece.

As one of Britain's oldest foundries, they have extensive experience with casting, can handle technically challenging casts with attention to the small details with an exceptional level of quality control. You can really feel the quality when handling my pieces.

I have been amazed by how the whole foundry has been rebuilt from the inside recently, making the facility and each impressive department run incredibly efficiently.

I'm looking forward to releasing more Limited Edition sculptures with Lunts in the coming years

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