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Employee Welfare

The safety and welfare of our skilled employees is our first priority. We have spent the past 5 years refitting our building to improve standards above industry minimums.

Industrial Craft

Craft is a constantly evolving and we believe that crafts people should integrate new tools to make objects in the best way possible, without losing sight of the traditional values.

We employ 3D CAD design, 3D printing, induction casting, and vibro polishing in combination with hand processes to make high quality work in a modern and sustainable way. 


The future of manufacturing must be sustainable and the foundry industry is no different. We have put into place clear planning to reach net zero and are already making progress.

Additionally, bronze and brass are infinitely recyclable and can be returned to us if need be.

Building for the Future

It's not enough just to look to the past and the long history of lost wax casting, we also look to the future.

Our continued investment in new machinery and our combination of traditional and modern processes creates new opportunities in the future.

Our Craft

Discover the Art of Lost Wax Casting

Our History

In Birmingham since 1930